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Flip The Script

We live in an era where the word “unfair” rolls off the tongue as easily as gravity’s triumph over anything we drop. To be fair I come from a time where victory or dynasty were concepts that were earned; not edited in to some made-for-tv special to announce where all the money and media attention will be spent in the coming years (ok, so that’s a polite nod to the Lebron signing with Miami Heat in July of 2010). Anyone, and by anyone I mean anyone with pockets as cavernous as the grand canyon, can forge a “dynasty” with money or influence. Consider the Golden State Warriors signing Kevin Durant OR the 1992 Olympic Dream Team made up of top NBA players at the time, playing against amateurs for Gold in the Olympics. 
The reason you’re fighting back the urge to cry, “UNFAIR!” is that leading from strength (or to be more accurate, shamelessly using one’s strength as a bargaining chip to lure the weak-minded but quite able-bodied competitor - based off our above examples) should mean that y…

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